Give your fertilizer routine a summer vacation. Follow Lee County Ordinance 0808, June 1 to September 30.

do more by doing less

Doing your part to preserve our water quality is as simple as doing less yardwork! During the rainy summer season, unnecessary fertilizing and improper fertilizer application can result in runoff that sends nutrients meant to feed your lawn into our waterways where they feed harmful aquatic algae instead.

June 1 to September 30 - Lee County Ordinance 08-08

Take a break from using phosphorus and nitrogen formulas and minimize your fertilizer use to help protect our waterways, our quality of life and our economy.


It’s important to follow the summer ordinance and these year-round guidelines.


Sweep up spills

Avoid accidents and always sweep up spilled granules. Rinsing with a hose can wash them down storm drains and into our waterways.


Avoid hard surfaces and water bodies

Don’t fertilize within 10 feet of bodies of water and keep it off impervious surfaces like driveways or sidewalks to prevent runoff.


Don’t fertilize if rain is forecast

Rainfall can wash fertilizer into storm drains or cause it to leach through the soil, sending unwanted nutrients into our waters.


A message from your Lee Board of County Commissioners

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